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Bernhard Angle Master 4000 bed knife Grinders (1 Left!)

  • 28 Mar 2024 8:41 AM
    Message # 13335894
    Ron Stepanek (Administrator)

    Bernhard Angle Master 4000 bed knife Grinders for sale. In good condition and recently serviced.

    Asking $6,000

    CONTACT:    Matt Falvo, Director of Golf And Grounds

                          Turning Stone Casino




    The Anglemaster 4000 was designed to match the speed, ease and accuracy of its Express Dual counterpart, grinding bedknives to within one thousandth of an inch. Like the new Express Dual 4000, the Anglemaster 4000 has a new look due to the re-designed guarding.

    The Anglemaster 4000 comes with the new SuperBlue grindstone as standard. Get more grinds for your money – SuperBlue can grind the hardest bedknives longer, harder and cooler. Mounting of bedknives is a simple, fluid process. The unique bedknife central grind position minimizes the occurrence of errors.

    The fine tolerances and ability to produce any desired angle, ensures that the reel and bedknife work in perfect harmony.

    ·         Simple to set up and use

    ·         Grinds bedknives up to 40" long

    ·         Operator panel with tactile colour coded function buttons

    ·         Unique digital angle setting and readout of current and desired angles with auto-cue for simple operation

    ·         Heavy-duty robust construction prevents flexing

    ·         Improved safety enclosure — better dust and noise containment


    ·         Precision machine for straight line grinding bedknives up to 40" long on both faces at any specified angle

    ·         Weight: 847lbs (385kg)

    ·         Size: 81" L x 36½" W x 55" H (2050 x 925 x 1390mm)

    ·         Length and width include clearance for swing of control column

    ·         Allow 75" (1900mm) height for guard when open

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    Last modified: 12 Apr 2024 4:23 PM | Ron Stepanek (Administrator)
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