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    From your GCSAA Field Staff, Kevin Doyle:

Think of how many times we need and use leverage in our jobs. Two that come to the forefront are those pesky irrigation fixes with no wiggle room or using heat and a pry bar to ask mower parts nicely to return to their original form. More importantly, superintendents often use a wet season to sell drainage or cart path projects and dry seasons — like this one so far — for significant upgrades to pumps and irrigation. COVID-19 and the resulting economic stress has delivered a significant blow to our industry but has perhaps offered areas for superintendents to use leverage of a different kind. Let us look at how you may have developed leverage and ways to benefit you and your facility by communicating these to your decision makers.

With the onset of COVID-19 closures and Executive Orders springing up across the country, advocacy by you, your colleagues, and your local and national association played a significant role in allowing golf course maintenance to continue. Understanding the impact no maintenance would have on our specialized performance turf and effectively communicating through advocacy absolutely saved hundreds of small businesses across our region.

Once that advocacy hurdle was cleared in New York and facilities were able to keep maintaining the property, changes to staffing and budget no doubt followed. At arguably the most critical time for Northeast golf courses – spring – the courses found themselves with entire properties being maintained by a reduced staff; in some cases, as few as one. No doubt, you and your reduced staff persevered. Were you responsible for acting as security during the quarantine time as well? With so many residents not working, or working from home, were you responsible for removing trespassers or stemming off potential vandalism?

When golf was permitted with restrictions in New York, were you or your staff responsible for implementing those restrictions? Changes to the course set-up notwithstanding, were you involved in sanitation of pull carts or golf carts? Maybe you were responsible to ensure social distancing on the course, or again, security to break up post-round lingering?

Struggle to justify your GCSAA dues, or travel to the Golf Industry Show? From GCSAA’s senior staff and government affairs working tirelessly on executive orders and supporting the opportunity to maintain and even play in New York with all of our allied groups, GCSAA communications pushing out helpful materials on CDC practices for COVID-19 safety measures in a critical time, to education and GIS teams looking to adapt a national show to the new normal. GCSAA has and will continue to work hard for you and deliver value to all our members in New York. There is no better time to communicate those benefits.

Attending GCSA of New York meetings and events not a top priority for the decision makers at your facility? The association put every effort into ensuring that golf could remain as close to normal in New York and did an amazing job of communicating those efforts. They worked seamlessly with other allied groups to ensure that changes were updated to you and your facilities. Make sure those at your club understand the role the GCSA of New York played in this important process.

Struggle to get a round donated to Rounds 4 Research? Wish you could free up the few minutes a week to serve on a GCSA of New York committee or the board?

Is the golf industry the same now as it was in 2019? Obviously not, however the facility is much better positioned now due to your efforts, the hard work of the GCSA of New York, and support and resources provided by GCSAA. If you see the value in these types of efforts but your club does not, now is the time to act.

You have worked hard during this unprecedented time to earn the leverage you need to improve the image of you and your staff at the club. Communicate those accomplishments to your decision makers wisely and you may just get more of what you need to benefit you and your facility. 

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Las Vegas update

The world is a much different place than when we gathered in Orlando in January for the 2020 Golf Industry Show. It seems much longer ago than just five months. And as many of you have had to adjust or adapt your business operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so has GCSAA. Each summer, we begin revving up planning for the next conference and trade show. 2021 is no exception to that, but as we look toward Las Vegas, it is with a much different lens than in other years.

Our usual work of coordinating the gold standard education, networking opportunities and industry innovations you have come to expect continues, but we are also driven by the key question in the face of an uncertain world:

Can we produce a quality experience that meets the safety recommendations for COVID-19?

To help us prepare, we are developing five scenarios and mapping out what every activity would look like in each scenario. The five scenarios are based on potential pandemic threat levels.

  1. Scenario One (low threat): Business as usual.
  2. Scenario Two (minimal threat): Live event in Las Vegas with social distancing and large-gathering restrictions in place.
  3. Scenario Three (moderate threat): Hybrid with a live event in Las Vegas and virtual event options.
  4. Scenario Four (substantial threat): An all virtual event.
  5. Scenario Five (significant threat): Event postponed or cancelled.

We were very fortunate that the 2020 GIS had already taken place before the virus took hold in most of the country. Many similar gatherings were postponed or cancelled this year, and we have been able to watch and learn from others. GCSAA will continue to keep you informed of decisions as the process progresses.

2021 Dog Days of Golf Calendar

sponsored by LebanonTurf in cooperation with GCSAA

Submit your entry today ยป

Submissions for the 2021 Dog Days of Golf Calendar will be accepted through Aug. 3, 2020.

From the submissions, 14 dogs will be selected. Owners of the selected dogs will be notified in September, and the calendar will be distributed with the November issue of GCM magazine.

Again, if I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Kevin Doyle

GCSAA Field Staff


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