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GCSAA Field Staff Updates

Kevin Doyle, GCSAA

It seems like every year I am asked by a member to consider writing about a health-related item specific to our outdoor profession.  Recently one member addressed an issue he had at his facility and inquired if I would help spread the word about proper hydration.  Keeping hydrated is an extremely important health concern, and despite my personal efforts to encourage my athlete/golf course employee daughter to drink plenty of fluids, I am no expert.  So here are some tips for you and the staff from those in the know.  Some tips to stay hydrated, and equally important (as the above member pointed out) concerns to look for regarding dehydration.

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Great Lakes Turf Schools

GLTS Flyer 2022- Cool-Season Golf.pdf

Superintendent Spotlight

Steve Kurta, Tuscarora Golf Club

written by Michael Tollner, Bellevue Country Club

As the GCSA of NY heads into its third year, the association has elected a new president, one who has a strong vision for growth and development.  I was fortunate enough to sit down with Steve Kurta, golf course superintendent at Tuscarora Golf Club in Camillus, NY, over lunch recently to discuss what he sees as his main goals for 2022 and beyond.  Steve is someone I’ve gotten to know over the past few years, so the opportunity to learn a bit more about his past, his interesting career path to where he is today, as well as to sit down over a common interest for both of us, craft beer, was one I jumped on with excitement.  

Steve has been heavily involved with GCSA of NY since its inception and was a key player in the consolidation process.  He was one of three representatives from the former Central NY GCSA that served on the consolidation committee.  He believes that as the association continues to grow it’s important to not lose sight of the founding chapters' regional identity and to try to honor that when possible.   He believes one of the main goals of the association is service and that members need to see value in their membership. Doing that will require seeing things from the viewpoint of a prospective member and not just as the board president. As a former president of the Central NY GCSA, Steve brings a vision to this association that will help guide it for years to come. He’ll use that experience to reinforce the framework of the association for future presidents and directors.

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Message from our Chapter Administrator

Suzanne Mis

I am so excited that we are finally experiencing the beautiful New York State summer that I love. The golf season is in full swing, and I can’t believe the 4th of July has already passed.  I am seeing back to school sales advertised and sooner than we want, fall will be upon us.

As an association, we have already been providing experiences for our members, we have had three walk and talk events, our member-guest tournament, a social golf event and later this month our POA tournament and fundraiser.

The Board is determined to have something for everyone and committed to scheduling an event almost every month. If you have not already been at a meeting, try to make one of the upcoming events. We still have our final walk with Dr. Frank Rossi in October, our annual education day and annual meeting, a social golf event and shooting get together. If you haven’t found an event that interests you, please feel free to contact me with suggestions. We are also starting to schedule meetings for 2023. If you are interested in hosting a walk with Frank and corresponding shop tour, please let me know and we can schedule a date. We have had a great turnout for these events.

Our education day and annual meeting will take place in December in the Buffalo area at River Works on December 6th. It is a unique venue in the heart of downtown Buffalo with plenty of things to do nearby. Consider making it a long weekend event. Our speakers are lined up and we are excited to host Dr. John Kaminski and Ben McGraw. The Board is committed to making this affordable for all and the association will be covering the cost for the speakers. Your cost will only be for the food that is provided.

I am looking forward to the rest of the years events and I hope to see you at least one of them. Please feel free to contact me anytime to answer questions, post job openings or help hosting an event.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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